Commit to Take Action Every Day

Colleen McCulla gave this TedTalk two years ago.  Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean by thoughts change the world.

Colleen is a walking (now) example of how the mind controls reality.  And how intention changes reality.

Follow her advice.  Commit to take action everyday…and do so WITHOUT judgment about the action or the immediate outcome.

In other words, if your intention is to lose weight or be more healthy and you decide to do ONE THING every day towards that intention…don’t judge yourself if your action today is to walk from your house to your end of the driveway and back.  The goal isn’t to arrive at your destination today.  Your goal is to arrive at your destination…period.  Judgment will hold you back and discourage continued action.  It will tell you that this is pointless and that walking to the edge of your driveway isn’t enough.  It’s not going to get you where you want to go.  It’s not a worthwhile activity.

Judgment LIES!!

Lose it.  Get rid of the voice that discourages you.  It’s not your friend.  If judgment were a person…you would not be friends.  You would avoid that person and limit the amount of time you spent together to as little as humanly possible.

Do things that make you better.  Do them one day at a time.  The only voice in your head to listen to is the one that says Good Job!!!  Keep going!!!


Mind, Spirit, Body and Intention

The Peace of Mind Holistic Center is not a business like many may think…but we’re a state of mind. Or more accurately, a state of BEING. Mind, Body, and Soul together make our our state. Too often we want think we are separate. We say that we think with our minds.  When just as often, we think with our soul.  And men…you know this…you are also able to think with your “body.”  Am I right???

But seriously, we are being made of 3 equal parts and we at Mind Holistic Center try to bring awareness to the need to see those parts as equal and the same.  We are not separate from the world.  The world is in us, we are in the world…why?  Because we ARE the world.  We ARE the plants…and they ARE us.  We are the sun, the moon, and the rain.  Because as we were all created (we, the universe and everything in it), we were created by the same “matter.” Molecules, atoms, matter…it’s all the same.  The difference between the moon and your pinky finger is the vibration, waves, or energy or that matter.  In otherwords…all atoms, molecules and matter is the same.  We are the moon.  It is us.

So what does this all mean for us as humans?  Wayne Dyer said it best (and I assume he may have learned it from someone else) but “We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.”

So then here is the next question.  If all matter is the same.  And we are the moon, etc.  Then what is spirit?  Is my spirit the same as your spirit?  And what is spirit made of?  Certainly not atoms or matter.  It’s not physical.  It’s something else.  It’s energy.  But where does that energy come from?  How is it created?  We all know that we have different levels of energy at different times.  Well…energy is more accurately described as vibration.  High vibration = high energy.  All positivism is high vibration.  Depression, anxiety, sadness, etc…is low vibration.  How do we increase our vibration?  How do we move from depression to joy?

Many would tell you it’s intention.  We focus our minds on our “intentions” and our spirit moves in that direction.  Our physical self is the last to arrive.  That’s why you can’t just “intend” to have $1M in bank account by 3pm and poof!!! That doesn’t mean that CAN’T happen…it just doesn’t most of the time.  And by “most of the time” I mean statistically ALL the time.  But not ALL all the time.  Make sense?  LOL


So when we “intend” for something…we move in that direction.  Ok…so where does intention come from?  It’s my contention that “intention” is the place where body and spirit meet the mind.  The body is our vehicle.  Our mind is the force that controls the vehicle.  But the spirit?  The spirit is the map.  The spirit is what makes up the road.  The spirit is what makes the gas.  The spirit is what creates the vehicle and propels it.  The spirit is everything about the journey.  Every THING and every NON-THING.  The spirit is the energy that moves us and in the direction or mind says we want to go and our body is left with no choice but to follow along.  And that’s why physical reality is always the last to arrive.

I love writing about intention.  We’ll do more of it!  Enjoy the Peace of Mind Holistic Center!